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  • Cosrx 95 Tone Balancing Essence Galactomyces

    Made In Korea.
    100 ml.
    Price- 1600tk.


    1. Will help filter the skin.
    2. Will help to remove blackheads, whiteheads from the skin.
    3. Fungal Acne will help to get rid of roots.
    4. It will help to get rid of up to 95 % of skin diseases.
    5. Will create protection layer on the skin.
    6. Will remove skin’s wrinkles, freckles, Sun Tan.
    7. Eliminate the dryness, dullness of the skin and make the skin lively.
    8. will moisturize the skin.
    9. Brightening the skin.
    10. Those who have skin dehydration problem or dry skin will help to hydrate their skin.
    11. Repair the skin of those whose skin veins are visible.
    12. Will help to boost-up the skin.
    13. Reduce skin’s allergy or rash problem.
    14. Excessive oil will control from skin.
    15. Skin pores will help to minimize.
    16. Skin’s pigmentation problem will be solved.

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