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4K Plus Whitening Night Cream


Made In Thailand
Price -1000 tk



1) The collagen in it which helps to increase the stability of the skin and reduce the wrinkles and dryness of the skin.
2) Glutathione plays one of the best roles in lightening skin spots. Skin pigmentation, helps remove acne spots.
3) Alpha Arbutin limit the production of melanin in your skin to make the skin radiant and elegant from the inside.
4) Ginseng skin natural balancing. Ginseng helps increase the circulation of your skin’s smallest blood vessels, resulting in boosting collagen synthesis. Which will make your skin more whitening.
5) Lotus extract works as a natural moisturizer by improving the feel of dry or rough skin.
6) Helps remove freckles.

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4K Plus 5X Whitening Cream
Made In Thailand
Price -1000 tk

Product Description:

It has 5 special ingredients that will help to naturally whiten your skin along with Skin Care, remove wrinkles, hydrate the skin, remove mole, melasma, acne spots on the skin and give you Flawless, healthy, Graceful skin 🥰🥰🥰



Cleanse your face well with face wash or cleanser at night. Dry your face and then apply a small amount of 4 K Plus 5 X Whitening Cream on your face. And wash well with face wash again in the morning.