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AHA Body Booster Cream


Made In Thailand


1) 3 x Super Whitening Body Cream made in formula of Alpha Arbutin.
2) Those who have sensitive skin will mix it with night body cream and use it.
3) Will help to 3 shades Skin whiten.
4) This cream will work as a Boost-up to whiten the skin.
5) Helps to reduce skin melanin and whiten skin.
6) Remove the dullness of the skin and brighten the skin.
7) Moisturizes the skin and helps restore the skin’s vitality.
8) Helps remove wrinkles from skin.
9) Exfoliates the skin and makes the skin smooth by removing dead cells, dirt, sebum.

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AHA Body Booster Cream
Made In Thailand


Cleanse your skin with Whitening Soap, then mix it with your night body cream and use it for good results. You can apply directly if you want. Both boys and girls can use this booster cream.