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Made in- South Africa
Price- 880tk.


1. Will remove scars of both new and old skin.
2. Adults, suddenly getting fat, pregnancy will remove the stretch mark that appears in the skin during these periods.
3. Using bio oil in it during pregnancy prevents stretch mark.
4. Hormonal causes or excessive sun heat will remove pigment.
5. Skin can help remove burn spots.

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Made in- South Africa
Price- 880tk. For more descriptive information online casino utan svensk licens.

Product Description:

Bio-oil is a specialized skincare product formulated to reduce skin spots, stachmarks, dimension and improve skin. Bio-oil formula has been made in combination with plant extract and vitamins. Parcelain oil in it, which changes the overall density of this formula. Lighten the oil, it doesn’t have a heavy and oil chit. This ingredients ensure that the plants present in Bio-Oil can easily enter the skin.



It is in Bio-Oil – Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary’s Camomile Oil, Vitamin A and D which are very beneficial for skin. Think once, how beneficial these ingredients are when they enter the skin together.


Apply (Bio-Oil) anywhere and massage it round and round, then you will be benefited quickly. But have to massage until the oil is completely dry. Bio-oil does not work like magic. You have to use this oil for two or three months patiently. Then you will understand the outcome for yourself. But remember, you have to massage well with this oil twice a day.