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Boots Traditional Skin cream


Boots Traditional Moisturizing Cream.
Made In UK.
200 ml.
Regular Price – 1100tk.


1) Moisturize the skin.
2) will help retain moisture in the skin.
3) Remove excess dryness or oiliness of the skin.
4) Will protect the skin from early aging.
5) Will smooth the skin.
6) Will protect from Harmful Make-Up ingredients affect. So use before make-up.
7) will lighten the blemishes of the skin.

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Made In UK.
200 ml.
Regular Price – 1100tk.

Moisturizing is the most basic level of skin care . Moisturizing every day can protect the skin from excess dryness or oiliness. It will also lighten skin blemishes. Excessive dryness or oiliness is harmful for the skin and the main cause of acne. So it is very important to use moisturizer.



Moisturizer is used on wet skin to get good results. Use moisturizer on lightly wet skin after bathing. Because skin starts losing moisture during bathing. Then the skin needs moisturizer the most. Can be used in all skin type.

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