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Bovey The Jobs Tears sleeping mask


Made In Korea


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1) If used at night, it will give a facial-like look to the skin during the day.

2) It is a Gel sleeping mask that will refresh the skin cells.

3) It Will help to make the skin glowing.

4) will nourish the skin.

5) Under 18 age can use it so safe.

6) It Will make the skin healthy from the inside.

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Who doesn’t want to look beautiful !!!!!!!! Nowadays, many of us are tensed about how to get a facial-like look on instant skin when there is a sudden event or party at work. So Bovey Facial Sleeping Mask has been brought which is under 18 Can be used effortlessly.

Usage: This Sleeping Mask can be used on the face by cleaning the skin well at night.

You can use it 3 days a week or every day if you want.