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Bye Bye Blackhead- Some By Mi


Made In Korea
Price- 1700tk


1. Remove Blackheads without any pain.
2. Green Tea has Ingredients, it will work for Bighting in the skin.
3. Will help to reduce pimples.
4. Tighten the skin’s pores. This won’t be Blackheads again.

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Bye Bye Blackheads
Made In Korea
Price- 1700tk

Product Description:

What if Blackheads go away without any pain? Besides Blackheads Remove, if there are more skin benefits, there doesn’t seem to be any better news than this. We have a lot of problems with Blackheads. I do so many things with the extra bill in the parlour. So to reduce all this hassle we brought you Bye Bye Blackheads.


After cleaning the skin properly with face wash, scrubbing has to be done. After this, Bye Bye Blackheads Gel has to be applied on the skin. Have to wait for 5 minutes. If the Gel is in the shape of a bubble in the skin, first it has to be removed with a soft cloth or pad. Then wash your face properly with water. (It is enough if you use it 2 times a week on the skin).