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Bye Bye Blemish- Some By MI


Made In Korea
120 g.
Price -1540tk


1) Skin tone will help to balance.
2) Those who are fair but show skin dull due to pollution or weather, their dullness will be removed. 3) It helps to remove skin impurities.
4) Help to increase the brightness of the skin.
5) It will help to get rid of skin’s dehydration problem. 6) Will help to remove skin bumps, acne, pimples.
7) Those who have pigmentation in their skin will lighten it.
8) Will help reduce the dark spot of the skin.
9) It exfoliates dead skin cells.

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Some By MI
Bye Bye Blemish
Made In Korea
120 g.
Price -1540tk

Product Description:

There are many people whose skin tone is fair but their skin is becoming dull day by day, make-up does not sit on the skin, Dark Spot, Pigmentation, Bump, Acne are facing many problems. 😔 Brought to solve these problems Bye Bye Blemish!!!!! ☺☺☺ Besides glutathione and niacinamide, it is known as a brightening agent, it contains 18 types of vitamins that help brighten and clear the skin. It also contains Vita RX ™, Goheng Juja Extract, Jeju Green Tangerine Extract removes skin’s dullness, impurities and refreshes the skin.



Apply thin layer on dry face as if applying a pack. After full mouth bubbles, enjoy for 3 minutes. Wash it with water by giving a light message. Doesn’t include any chemicals that cause skin problems. Suitable for all types of skin.