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Cathy doll HYA Cushion


Made In Korea.
120 mL.
Price-700 tk



1. Helps keep skin moisture.
2. Helps make skin smooth and soft.
3. It contains alteromonas ferment extract which protects the skin from harmful contamination.
4. Chamomile extract will reduce skin irritation.
5. Cleanses the skin from inside by removing dirt and impurities of the skin.

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Cathy Doll Hya Cushion
Made In Korea.
120 mL.
Price-700 tk

Product Description:

In winter we are lazy in washing our face and doing anything for the fear of cold , aren’t we? But dirt, dust, pollution is freezing in the skin everyday. The result of which rash, pimple, acne, pores and more problems are created in the skin. Also, for those who get irritation like Allergy, Dehydration by using anything on their skin, this Cathy Doll Hya Cushion Facial will be best for them.


This face wash should be used just like regular face wash. All types of skin can be used.


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