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Dexe organic slimming & fat decreasing cream


Made In Uk
Price- 880tk



1. Excess fat of body will help to burn.
2. Will help to reduce stretch marks of the body.
3. Boost up the body’s metabolism system and burn excess fat.
4. It will help to burn excess fat of your belly, waist, hip, thigh, forearm.
5. Smooth your skin, moisturize your skin and nourish it.
6. Increases the elasticity of the skin so that the skin does not swing after the fat burn.
7. The cream is completely herbal, so there is no side effect.
8. Cream can be used for both boys and girls.

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Dexe Organic Slimming & Fat Decreasing Cream
Made In Uk
Price- 880tk

Product description:

Who doesn’t want to present themselves beautifully and attractively ????

All boys and girls want beautiful attractive figure. But due to lack of time or work pressure, due to not taking proper care of ourselves, excess fat is accumulated in belly, waist, hip, thign, forearm. Results, slowly a beautiful figure doesn’t remain beautiful anymore.
Don’t worry about this extra fat, because we’ve brought “Dexe Organic Slimming & Fat Decreasing Cream” It contains Aloe Vera extract which boosts your metabolism and burns the fats that are freezing and converts them into energy. The stretch marks that are happening after your fat burn will help to reduce.



Dexe Organic Slimming & Fat Decreasing cream use 2 times a day 3-5 minutes, massage where you have fat. After bath and before sleep at night. Cream should be used every day. Need to do free hand exercise after use Cream. 3 creams to be used to get good results.

A balanced diet will make the cream work better:

* Try to eat less meat, fried food or western fast food etc.
* Eat less high sugar foods.
* Eat more fruits and vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins.

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