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Herb Hair Treatment


Made In Thailand

Efficacy :

1. Those who have headache, sinus problems, head gets hot, dandruff problems, get cold due to using oil, this oil is the best option for them who get unstable while doing journey.
2. It contains Ginger that will prevent hair fall.
3. Hair Growth System will help to keep it in place.
4. Reduce hair breakage.
5. Protect hair from harmful sun rays and pollution.
6. It contains vitamin E5 which will help increase hair growth.
7. Strengthen the hair roots.
8. This oil will work as a hair treatment.
9. You won’t feel Sticky  in your hair.

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Herb Hair Treatment
Made In Thailand
100 g


Good news for those who don’t like to use oil or can’t use oil!!! Also many of us face such problems like headaches, sinus problems, head heating or feeling unstable when traveling Herb Hair Treatment will work like magic for all your problems.
Those who have too much hair fall problems should use it 2 times a day. There is no problem if you can’t shampoo in the morning using it at night, but you have to shampoo it after using it in the day. Also need to use 2/3 days a week.