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Kaosuay Giving Beauty Whitening Serum


Made In Thailand
Price- 1200tk


1. Skin will do Super Whitening.
2. Don’t let age impressions on skin.
3. Keeps Ski Healthy.
4. Help to Minimize pores.
5. Make Skin Soft, Smooth And younger.
6. Reduce wrinkles. fine lines of skin.


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Kaosuay Giving Beauty Whitening Serum.
Made In Thailand
Price- 1200tk

Product description:

Serum plays a very important role in our skin. According to many Skin Specialists, Serum gets absorb much faster than Cream in our skin and works on the skin very quickly. So it’s time to introduce everyone with another serum!! This serum is not a normal serum. This is a Whitening Serum that is enriched by Rice Extract. And most of us know how effective Rice Skin Whitening is. And this serum has three types of rice. Red rice, green rice and black rice.


By cleaning the face properly, take the quantity of Kaosuay Giving Beauty Whitening Serum and apply on Face. It can be used twice a day to get fast results. It is better not to go into the heat of fire or sun using the serum. This serum can be used in all skin types.


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