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Kojic whitening Serum


Made in Thailand.
Price- 1000tk



1. Skin whitening
2. Scars are slowly and completely healed.
3. Moisturizing skin.
4. Reduces pores and narrows the skin.
5. Control sun damage.
6. Smooth skin.
7. Soft skin.
8. Tightening skin.
9. Younger looking skin.

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Kojic whitening Serum. For much more information find casino utan svensk licens lista.
Made in Thailand.
Price- 1000tk

Product Description:

Kojic Serum is a powerful skin care product. Which enters the deepest level of your skin to make your skin whiten, radiant, glowing from the inside out. Will help remove dark spots on skin. Will make the skin smooth. Will nourish the skin. Keep your skin tight all day. Protect the skin from sun harm. Moisture the skin deeper.


Serum should be used after cleansing the skin and before applying moisturizer. Apply serum and massage with light hand. So, the skin will absorb the serum sooner. Wait a while and then use other products. Usually, serum should be used twice a day.