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Lanbena Hair Removal 7 min Cream


Made In China
80 g.
Price- 730tk


1. Whitening private parts along with removing unwanted hair in less time.
2. Regular use increases unwanted hair growth time.
3. Moisturize the skin.
4. It will help to keep the skin’s PH balance right.
5. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce UV damage to the skin.
6. Aloe Vera helps heal the skin and makes the skin soft and smooth.

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Lanbena Hair Removal 7 Min Cream
Made In China
80 g.
Price- 730tk

Product Description:

How about a hair removal cream whitening private parts in less time as well as removing unwanted hair, increase unwanted hair growth time by regular use ?????
7 Min Lanbena Hair Removal Cream has arrived! It contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E to balance your skin with Smooth, Moisturize, Maintain PH. Pregnant sisters can also use it.



Before using the skin, you have to cleanse it well… 7 Min Lanbena Hair Removal Cream at a specific place Use the T. Wait for 7 minutes. Then remove the cream with spatula. Soak a cloth in light hot water and remove the place. Of course, those who have sensitive skin have to remove the cream in very short time