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Lanxi Green tea Whitening Cream


Made in Taiwan



1. Using Green Tea Cream will brighten and whiten the skin.
2. will reduce the Pimple spot .
3. Will make your skin tone healthy.
4. Will make the skin soft and smooth.
5. Will Give healthy, Smooth, Soft skin.
6. Make your skin more white and younger.

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Green Tea Whitening Cream
Made in Taiwan


By birth we get each other different skin colors. Someone is fair, someone is black. Many people get upset about the skin color when it is pressed. Again, even after the color of many people has become fair by birth, the daily dust becomes black by burning in the sun. . So got beauty for the thirsty – Green Tea Whitening Cream.




Cleanse your face well at night with face wash or cleanser . Dry your face and then apply a little amount of Green Tea Cream floating on your mouth. And wash well with face wash again in the morning..



Green Tea Cream cannot be used during pregnancy and baby breast feeding. You can’t go near the heat of sun and fire using Green Tea Cream.