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Lishou Slimming Plus Cocoa Coffee


Made In Thailand
10packet (150g)
Regular Price – 1100tk


1) Lose weight.

2) The skin will be beautiful and tight.

3) Will help to clean the colon.

4) It contains dark chocolate which will help increase energy levels.

5) Reduce stomach acidity.

6) will relieve constipation.

7) It is made with completely herbal ingredients,

so there is no fear of side effects.

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Those who want to lose 15-20 kg weight should eat 1 packet every day. Eat 1 packet every 1 day to lose 5-10 kg weight.

Those who want to lose 4-5 kg ​​will eat 1/2 packet. Stir in a cup of lukewarm water (Lishu coffee) for 2 minutes. You will be able to understand your change within 1 month.

(1 box contains 10 packets of coffee)