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Natcha Beaute Rizda Whitening Soap


Made in Thailand.
Price -600tk



1. Safely whitening skin tone.
2. Will help to get rid of melasma.
3. Will remove the dark spot of the skin.
4. Help remove acne spots on the skin.
5. Removes any dark spots.
6. Makes skin bright and beautiful.
7. Acne removes bacteria.
8. Deep cleanses the skin and helps reduce blackheads.



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Natcha Beaute Rizda Whitening Soap.
Made in Thailand.


Price -600tk

Product Description:

We all worry less about pimples, mesta, mole, scars on our face, isn’t it??
Natcha Beaute Rizda Whitening Soap does a great job for all these problems. It contains the extract of ′′ Japanese Rose Stem Cells ′′ known as Rose Placenta which helps to increase skin radiance, reduces early aging, helps to increase collagen production under the skin, cleanses skin pores and helps reduce blackheads. Safely whitening your skin tone by removing acne, Mesta, sesame, any dark spots on your face.



Use 2 times in the morning and night. Apply to wet skin and wash your face with 2/3 light hand massage. Those who have dark spots in their skin should keep it for a little longer. Both boys and girls can use. If you want, you can use it in your body. Under 18 age, those who want spot and whitening soap can also use it.