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Natcha Beauty White Serum


Made In Thailand
Price -900tk


1. Will work 10x Skin whitening .
2. Whiten up to 4 layer inside the skin.
3. Spot of skin will help to fade out.
4. Will help to reduce freckles.
5. Who will tighten the skin by reducing the wrinkle of the skin.
6. Those who have pigmentation problem, it will help them to reduce pigmentation.
7. Will help to reduce the rash or redness of the skin.
8. Serum will help repair the skin.


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Natcha Beauty White Serum
Made In Thailand
Price -900tk

Product description:

Skin is the best part of our body so it is very important to take care of our skin. And if a serum can take care of our skin then it’s a golden chance to us isn’t it??? In one word, you are getting all the ingredients which will make the skin healthy as well as whitening.


Natcha Beauty White Serum contains kojic acid, fruit extract, flower extract, alpha arbutin, glycerin, Repairing serum, niacinamide etc.


Clean your face with face wash or cleanser. Apply the serum if skin is dry. This serum is suitable for all types of skin. So Under 18 age can be used.