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Roze Essence Pink Lady Secret Soap


Made In Thailand
30 g


1. Private Parts will be tightening.
2. Private Parts will be Whitening.
3. Help to remove Black Spot.
4. It will help to reduce the allergy of Private Parts.
5. Will remove the bad smell of Private Parts.
6. Will help to remove acne / pimple of Private Parts.
7. Wll help to reduce Private Parts irritation.
8. Those who have swollen skin or itching, for that time,it will work as like anti-septic.
9. It also contains antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features that protect skin cells from damage.


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Roze Essence Pink Lady Secret Soap
Made In Thailand
30 g.



Use daily, massage lightly for 2-3 minutes then wash well with water . You will understand the change if you use it for 1/2 weeks.