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Snail Extract Crystal Color Cream


Made In P.R.C


Regular price- 850tk


1) After using, Instant 1 shade will glow more than your skin tone.

2) Skin repairing will work.

3) Day Moisturizer will work.

4) Waterproof Cream, so it won’t go even if you use water.

5) Regular use will help skin whitening.

6) Natural Make-Up Look will be given.

7) Hydrate the skin.

8) You will look like glass skin but will not be oily.


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Crystal White Repairing Cream With Snail Extract πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Made In P.R.C


Regular price- 850tk

Main Ingredients: Snail extract

Usage: You have to clean your face properly with a face wash or cleanser. You have to use dab all over your face with enough cream, you can’t rub it too much, if you use it gently, it will mix after some time.