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The Prestige Balancing Cream (Made in Korea)


Made in KOREA.
Price -2000tk.


1. Protects your skin from damage and will rejuvenate.
2. Gives deep hydration to the skin.
3. It will make your skin glowing,
4. Will remove skin wrinkle.
5. It penetrates deep into the skin and will brighten the skin from the inside.
6. Will smooth the skin.
7. Nourishes the skin.



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The Prestige Balancing Cream
Made in KOREA.
Price -2000tk.


Product description:

In addition to our skin being fair, the skin’s dullness, dry, roughness solution is necessary.
THE PRESTIGE Balancing Cream Premium skin care will work just like that and skin’s dullness, dryness, roughness.



It contains Ao5 anti-oxidant taken from three types of berries and two flowers (Elderberry, blackberry, cranberry, evening prim rose, camellia) to solve skin problems.



Clean your skin with facewash or cleanser. Then use the cream gently with your hands.
If you use THE PRESTIGE Balancing Cream  premium skin care every day, you will get Better Result.