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Victoria Secret Body perfume lotion honey


Imported from USA
414 ml.
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1. This lotion is made from the combination of Honey & Shea butter, so it contains beneficial fatty acids and vitamins.
2. Heals the skin and makes the skin soft and smooth.
3. Honey & Shea butter is nice long lasting Flavor will keep you fresh all day long.
4. Removes the roughness of winter and keeps the skin hydrated.
5. It is feel very light weight.

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Victoria Secret Body perfume lotion honey
Imported from the USA
414 ml.


Product description:

Body odor is such a common problem that makes our confidence level zero. ′′ Perfume ′′ is a very important product for those of us who serve, worn in a dress for 8/10 hours from morning to evening, on top of that if you get a bad smell from your body, you feel bad for yourself and the people around you get annoyed. Thinking about these problems, now bring Victoria’s Secret Body perfume lotion honey! ☺☺☺