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Precious Skin Vitamin E body whitening serum


500 g
Made In Thailand


1. Will work for Body Skin Whitening .
2. Will help increase the effectiveness of Body Whitening products.
3. It contains Vitamin E which will work as antioxidants.
4. This Body Serum will help to remove dark spots on private pats, elbows, neck.
5. Will help to develop skin cells.
6. Will work Skin cell development as well as protection.
7. Help to  reduce Sun Tan from skin.
8. Can be used on any skin type.

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Precious skin vitamin E body whitening serum
500 g
Made In Thailand


Before use Skin should be cleaned well. You can use private parts area also , wait until completely absorb. You can use any other Body Whitening product if you want with this. This serum can only be used on the body.