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Yerina Argan & Camellia Silky Therapy


Yerina Argan & Camellia Silky Therapy
Made In Korea
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  • Therapy for hair will work.
  • Will make hair silky.
  • Will prevent hair splitting problem.
  • Will help to get healthy scalp.
  • Soften the hair.
  • Will make hair shiny.
  • Reduces hair roughness
  • Will repair damage

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Have you used a lot of things to make your hair silky? But did not benefit? Shiny healthy hair is desirable for everyone. Many people think that making hair silky and soft is a lot of hard work. So to make this hard work a little easier, Yerina Argan & Camellia are being introduced. With Silky Therapy.

Usage: Yerina Argan & Camellia Silky Therapy Hair should be cleaned well and applied to dry hair, scalp and hair. This therapy can be used at any time.